Ginger Rosenthal

Ginger was born in rural NE. Her background includes studies in English and Sociology, 17 years as a small business owner, daily joy of teaching Yoga for a living, life-long passion for grassroots music, and love of the land and animals.  After the flood in March of 2019, Flood Aid was a logical step to support her state and restore the spirit of those affected.




Jim is a long-time Fremont resident with over 40 years experience in Search and Rescue. He is a Lt.Col in Civil Air Patrol and serves the NEbraska Wing as Emergency Services Training Officer. He also serves as a Communications Officer, Search & Rescue Officer and Safety Officer. He is active with the Fremont Cadet Squadron of CAP and is a team leader for the unit ground team which has been rated the top search team in the seven state region. He worked closely with Dodge County Emergency Management during the flooding.


Becky Pieper

Becky was raised in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  She studied at Chadron State College and graduated from UNK with degree in Biology.   She has worked in several different rural locations throughout Nebraska and is passionate about agriculture and the major role that is plays in building healthy, strong communities.   This belief and passion led her to become involved in Flood Aid as an advocate for rural communities and as an opportunity to give back to families and producers through out the state.